About us

Sol Care is a wellness brand dedicated to premium quality CBD products that elevate and reimagine daily self-care rituals.

We created Sol Care because we believe in the power of cannabinoids to transform our daily experience as we pursue to live healthy, balanced and conscious lives. We see it as our calling to share our love for premium cannabis products with as many people as possible.

  • LOVE

    We put our heart into everything we do and truly care for our customers and their well-being.


    Our standard is always organic, lab tested and the best growing practices in the industry.


    3% of our profits will go towards organizations that support mental health initiatives.

Our Process


The premium flower used for our Sol Care products is sun-grown on farms located in Oregon, Colorado and Montana. The flower that you smoke was once a plant that was gently cared for on an individual level, from seed to flower. Only holistic and organic gardening practices are used to ensure a high-quality end product for our customers to have the best experience possible. 


Our organic full-spectrum CBD tinctures are made using an extraction method called Spagyric. Spagyrics is an ancient alchemical practice that has been used for centuries to turn herbs into potent, full-spectrum herbal medicine. This method was and still is deemed as one of the most sacred and holistic ways of creating herbal medicine. It is the ONLY method that extracts the full essence of the plant.

By separating the three basic principles (Oils, Alcohol and Mineral Salts) of a plant and then recombining them the end product is unlike any other tincture or extract. This method boosts the bioavailability of our CBD making it an incredible herbal remedy.


Our products are third-party lab tested to ensure the potency and purity of our CBD. We believe in transparency so we encourage you to take a look at the Certificates of Analysis for our products.