All About Dosing

What is the recommended dosage when using Sol Care Daily Chill Drops CBD oil? 

Every human body is different and for this reason there is not a one size fits all dosage recommendation. 

We recommend starting small with a ¼ dropper or less under your tongue. Wait about 30-45 minutes to see how you feel before taking more. Experts advise new CBD users to start with a low dose and gradually increase based on your experience. This could mean starting with 8mg and after a week increasing the dose by 5mg or as you see fit. 

Our Daily Chill Drops contain 1000mg of CBD per 30ml. We selected this strength because its high potency lends itself to great dosage versatility. Approximate dropper strength by dosage:

1 full dropper 1ml = 33mg

¾ dropper = 25mg

½ dropper = 17mg

¼ dropper = 8mg

*Approximate values